Sky Arch Ephesus

Framing the big blue © ® Russell Hand 2003 date change as the original files said 2002 never reset the time on early digital camera, visa for Turkey was 2003 which makes more sense.

The problem with looking through a viewfinder and a lens is all the things you do not see, probably why I forget to take photographs sometimes, even when I do have a camera with me.

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Even when I was at school I wondered what made so many people unhappy or even miserable. How to make the world a better place. I thought art could help, I still do. As thought, education and knowledge can. Then… “Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so.”  Bertrand Russell

Since I can remember, since at least 5 years old I have always been curious and interested in ideas, thought, knowledge, art, truth, not gossip lies opinion ego, unfortunately many people are not like this.

My art website has much more of my photography on it, though still not much. Though I do not publish many of my photographs online. This site just a few examples.

Link to my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books. The Tate is the national museum for historic and contemporary art in the UK My artists book

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Entranced with the wonder of the world

Though the desert that place of incredible beauty with an enormous moon rising over the seas of sand, does it make me want to write poetic text, or howl at the moon, or tell the world to go spin, and shout out do you all want to die, all the things written from the past till now all those books sitting gathering dust, all the information we have and still we as a race seem bent on our own destruction, gradually destroying our beautiful home, the places I have wandered in and seen. Maybe it sounds insane, what shouting do you all want to die, or howling at the moon, well look to the world, how out of balance is that, even the places I travelled in have changed so much.

Another reason why the booklist, thought, being existence.

The places the photographs I have taken…

Karnak Temple, Egypt

The first time I backpacked with a friend Pete, around the mediterranean

Image from one of my fashion shoots 2006

If you would like to see further examples of some of my fashion photography

Page 3 model…

(Topless glamour model newspapers & magazines) Not that I shoot ‘glamour’ photography, as I told her agency when they got in touch to ask if I would like to shoot any of their models. They explained to me that is why they wanted to work with me… Loved my photography… As it was art… There is a complete shoot. As I mentioned this site just has a very few examples of my photography.

Now I thought I would add this, it is my entry in the Tate library catalogue for my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books… Apparently some people think it is not a ‘big deal’… But anyone that knows about art or who The Tate are, the national museum for historical and contemporary art in the UK… Think it is a huge ‘deal’… What they do not understand is why I am not being shown at The Tate or in their permanent collection… Which they seem to think I should be both… and more deservedly than many they show or have in their permanent collection… This is a supposedly permanent link I was given by The Tate to my catalogue entry… I say supposedly as it seems to work sometimes and not others…

Link to my artists book in The Tate special archive of artists books. The Tate is the national museum for historic and contemporary art in the UK My artists book

Though if it does not work and says session ended which it seems to do sometimes… click on new session and put my name in the ‘Name’ field. Russell Hand and it will show the record.

Charli Howard 2009. Russell Hand © ®

Charli Howard’s last email to me, though she still use to ring and text for a while.


Subject: Remember me?


Hi Russell,

You should remember me! Its charli..I know we didn’t end on a good note and me telling you to fuck off or whatever, but I’ve been thinking of contacting you for a while now..I hope nothing bad has happened, I hope it’s all going good for you. If you don’t email me back then that’s fine (I’m not even sure if this is your right email address but I’ll give it a shot anyway).

Well I’ve started at the London College of Fashion and met genuinely nice people..I have to hand in some work today actually..although the course itself is really difficult and more work than I expected, and secretly I wish I was still modelling. I’ve lost weight (quite a bit actually) since you last saw me – I am now a proud owner of a 24 inch(ish) waist and managed to get down to 8 stone at one point. Storm asked me to come in and see them so I did – they made me lose weight, so I did it healthilyish and went back, only for them to be cunts and say I was too short. So I went to Select who were nice and said I was too short (why the fuck do they scout me then?! Jesus).

I got up really early this morning to go to Viva (they have a few supermodels on their books, like Agyness Deyn) and was quite happy that they asked to see me. I stuffed my socks to make myself taller and everything but my idea didn’t go quite to plan and I only ended up half an inch taller. So after being told I was too short for them (for fucks sake, they knew my height before I went in) I’m now sitting in a cafe eating my feelings away..and feel I’m going to throw up. (Also the stuffing in my socks really hurts).

The only “good” (hmm) agency who are sending me for a test is Profile – they have this supermodel on their books called Bianca Balti who I wish I looked like, and they discovered Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley as well, but the booker is ditsy as fuck. She gets NOTHING done. I’ve been waiting to test for 3 weeks now, and if I email her she doesn’t reply. Grrrrr. But I think Profile might be a good stepping stone for me. At least they’re not as shit as D1. And I don’t want to go to Models 1 (yet) as that nob Chris is dating one of the bookers, so potentially that could be arkward. Also I hit him in the balls so I don’t think we’re on speaking terms. I’m also not on speaking terms with Viking cause I kicked him in the balls too after a visit to his be honest he deserved it. I wasn’t speaking to him anyway, just felt like getting revenge and pretended I wanted to see him. I shouldve listened to you where boys were concerned, but I was that arrogant little 18 year old who “knew it all”. Weird that I’ll be 20 in a few months. I’ve learned a lot since then.

My parents live in berlin I need to look after myself more. I’ve stopped taking drugs (well – coke) to heal pain and am on a drugs rehabilitation thingy and counselling. The man says its a shame I’m 19 and have been through a lot. There are things that have happened I wish I could tell you but can’t. Sorry.

I’m also getting help for my “eating” – its such a relief after about 8 years of hell. This year has been shit, I don’t know about yours. Cannot wait for 2011.

I’m sorry about how I acted towards you. But you shouldn’t have rang up my house cause my dad wouldve got quite mad (no offence). Most of it was the drugs talking. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was also severley depressed. I’ve been on Prozac three times this year alone. I wanted to end it all – its a horrible way of living wondering whether you should throw yourself under a tube or a bus, or take an overdose, and whether anyone would give a shit.

I hope things are working out for you and that you’re in love..I’m still waiting for that someone..

Charli x”

Charli is apologising for slagging me off to other people because I continually tried to help her, advice her and get her to see someone to help with her drug and alcohol problems, and having sex with people that got her coked up and drunk. Not funny for her, and her mother told her she had a blow job mouth not good. I did talk to her mother once as Charli gave me her parents phone number, I said to her mother ‘Charli needs help and support.’ Her mother said “Yes we know goodbye.” Then Charli was rather stupid as she told me, and highly manipulative. Charli had already been photographed nude by a number of photographers before I ever worked with her.

House Ikaria, Greece 2015

Michelle old friend though we have not spoken for sometime, not sure why… London 2006

Statue of Leonardo da Vinci Milan 2003

Eve lingerie 2013 London


Susan Sontag on the difference between erotica and pornography

“Approving or disapproving morally of what a work of art “says” is just as extraneous as becoming sexually excited by a work of art. (Both are, of course, very common.) And the reasons urged against the propriety and relevance of one apply as well to the other. Indeed, in this notion of annihilation of the subject we have perhaps the only serious criterion for distinguishing between erotic literature or films or paintings which are art and those which (for want of a better word) one has to call pornography. Pornography has a “content” and is designed to make us connect (with disgust, desire) with that content. It is a substitute for life. But art does not excite, or, if it does, the excitation is appeased, within the terms of the aesthetic experience. All great art induces contemplation, a dynamic contemplation. However much the reader or listener or spectator is aroused by a provisional identification of what is in the work of art with real life, his ultimate reaction — so far as he is reacting to the work as a work of art — must be detached, restful, contemplative, emotionally free, beyond indignation and approval. It is interesting that Genet has recently said that he now thinks that if his books arouse readers sexually, “they’re badly written, because the poetic emotion should be so strong that no reader is moved sexually. Insofar as my books are pornographic, I don’t reject them. I simply say that I lacked grace.” Quote from ‘On style’ (1963) Susan Sontag

Then when speaking to someone a long time ago… I said ‘I am worried thought is disappearing from the world’ They replied, “What makes you think there was ever much thought in the world” Good point… Let alone critical thought or what I understand it to be…

Eve 2014 A lovely woman who modelled for me that became a friend. Though we first met up in 2010.

Looking down from the Parthenon at ruins reconstruction work, Athens Greece 2003

Adam giving me the finger while driving across Europe… Shot 23rd March 2014… A lot of people who have seen Adam and myself out referred to him as my ‘rockstar’ friend… Probably to do with some writing where I mentioned him… Not that he is a rock star, though sort of looks like one… Some people doing film at St.Martins art school, once got Adam to star in their film, where he played a rock star, very much like Jim Morrison the lead singer out of The Doors… Then when we were out and some woman gave me her phone number, Adam always gave me the same response… “O Russ” as though it was a terrible and embarrassing thing being out with me and some stunning sexy woman gave me her mobile number… It was his standard response since we were at art school together… Never really understood it… Maybe one of the funniest times this happened was down Boujis a private members club in South Kensington, one of the more interesting private members clubs I have been in… Adam had invited me along, it was either late 2003 or 2004, there was a crowd of people Adam knew… mixture, art, fashion, music… all sitting at one of the tables there… talking, laughing and joking, I went off to toilet, and on the stairs was some extremely attractive woman… Long dark hair, golden skin looked like a very hot Italian woman… though think she was English… I think… I asked her where the loos were, and we spoke briefly… she worked there… I said “Do you want to give me your number ?” She said “50 Cent was in here last week and asked the same thing, I said ‘No’ to him, why should I give it to you ?” I replied, “Because I am cool” she laughed and walked off, I went off to the loo… and then later sitting at the table with Adam and the rest, she walked over put a piece of paper down in front of me, and said rather loudly so everyone at the table could here…”That is my mobile, call me” Adam sitting next to me said, you guessed it, “O Russ” as though it was so embarrassing… and something like, “Can’t take you anywhere.” it was a long night full of drinks and talk, I lost the piece of paper with her mobile on… as happens sometimes… Probably thinks I was not interested or just a dick as I did not call… Now I have never understood this about Adam, he is 6’3″ or 6’4″ an ex fashion model, people thinks looks like a rock star… and once when walking with him in Covent Garden… I saw some stunning woman, that looked like a hot fashion model, staring at him so much, she walked into a lamp post… We use to go so many places together, he took me downstairs at Momo as he had been given a pass to the private club there… we were sitting at the table with Momo buying us drinks… and use to get taken down Bar Atlantic by friends of his… Bar Atlantic does not exist anymore, but use to be a very up market place to drink in till the morning… lots of people that worked in the coolest bars and clubs use to go down there after they finished work in the early hours of the morning…

A photograph from an event / show I was invited along too… early 2018 shot the rehearsal, show and a few shots at the after party… first time I ever shot an event… not being an events photographer… The show was called ‘Snow’ and happened at a fun club in London… The Cuckoo Club… extremely nice staff… good day and night… fashion, models, dancing, drinking, conversation laughter… The staff were fabulous too… and kept the drinks flowing along with the night…

Amanda art school days, art student when I was an art student…


Building and spire Istanbul Turkey 2003

French woman, art model smiling while modelling for me… London 2013

She was a nude model for art drawing / painting / sculpture etc… But not for photography…

Pelican Mykonos Greece 2003

Ella Brazilian woman quick snap London 2018 Random shot while getting a drink of water in a bar and getting into a random conversation with a group of people…

Ruins with goats Olympos Turkey 2003

Nad fashion model @ Next 2007 fashion shoot

Houses Samos Greece 2003

Jordan Martin impromptu shoot 2017 London

Rhodes Castle Greece was only there a day changing ferries 2003

Nikita Model with FM Models fashion shoot London 2007 use to be with Assassin Models. Nikita was friends with a model I once met who asked me if I wanted to go shopping in the supermarket… I mentioned the story to Nikita & she told me they were friends… Both Serbian from what I can remember, both use to be with Assassin models… No, I was not shooting fashion at the time… before that… The model that asked me if I wanted to shop with her, was just below supermodel status, which she liked, but had a 100ft or was it a 200ft photograph of her face in Time Square in New York… and walked with Naomi Campbell etc… Told me lots of funny stories too… Stupid not going supermarket shopping with her…

Gondola bridge Venice 2003

Thea @ Models1 photograph not used in the shoot published in NY London 2007

Pete following behind in the eastern Sahara Saqarra, with the step pyramid behind. First time I back-packed around the Mediterranean. Sometime after we had been chased by a pack of wild dogs…

Out with Orly having a drink the other day London 2018. Orly really liked the neon sign and asked me to take a few shots on her mobile… and I thought I would on my camera… Love the moody artsy haze and lighted silhouette…

Thought I would add another of Orly as though I love the other one you cannot really see her… Orly young intelligent business woman, entrepreneur etc… Very sexy French accent to her English too… Always a pleasure to have an intelligent fun conversation with… London 2018

Sea port with castle Turkey 2003

Spanish model Profile Models fashion shoot London 2007. She actually asked me to meet her for a drink a week or so later… I only took £20 thinking we would just have a few… Drinking Hoegaarden white beer… run out of money very quickly, though we were both buying drinks… She said not to worry and kept the drinks flowing… Virtually drunk me under the table…

Hera Temple Samos 2015

Wei old friend & international fashion model…This was a friends shoot she asked me to meet her in a cemetery in the snow… Cold… Wei did the post production,  photograph by myself… Another time I met Wei and a fashion photographer friend of hers in a bar in Dalston, London. So the 3 of us were sitting at a table for 4. They went off to get some drinks in. A woman came and sat down at my table, opposite me. I mentioned to her, I was not alone. She said that is alright I will only be a minute. Took off a puffa jacket and a jumper to reveal a rather fabulous figure that went with her rather lovely face.. Then started talking to me, she was Italian or to be more precise Sicilian. Her English was not the best. Wei and her friend returned, and they said, no keep talking… I did notice Wei’s friend, the fashion photographer, throw some admiring looks at the Sicilian. The Sicilian woman, can’t remember her name. Caught her hair on fire leaning so far across the table talking to me on a candle in the middle. She did not even notice I had to put the fire out. In fact she did it again later. she was only in town a week staying with her brother, and ran her own salon and beauty parlour on Sicily, had a lovely flat in town and a beach house. She showed me the photographs on her phone, while we were out back having a cigarette. Then she said she had to leave, as her brother had come over to ask her too. She left, Wei and her friend the man both asked what happened… I told them and then they asked did you get her number, will you see her ? I said no… The man the fashion photographer said if it were him he would chase after her… Wei asked Why ? I said Things like that happen a lot… Wei said But she was gorgeous, I am not into women but I thought she was very hot I might have wanted to see her… I said I know but I am never sure if I really want to get involved in a relationship, half the time… Have been a lot before… She said, But you just told us she was only in town a week… I then said But things are not always that simple, she really liked me and did not even notice her hair catching on fire… Twice… Chances are then she would want me to go out to Sicily… Wei said what is wrong with that… Good question probably stupid of me… She was around 28 my favourite age for a woman too… Then maybe if she would have just sat in my lap, kissed me, I would have surrendered to her Italian passion… Jumped on top of me basically… That happens sometimes too… I often think I choose the wrong women to get involved with…

Matilda 2007

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy doing the washing up when I was in a relationship with her 2013.

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy is a clinically diagnosed pathological liar narcissist sociopath / psychopath.

Though photographed domestically, she was originally suppose to model for some art projects nude, but wanted to be in a relationship with me, knew I took this photograph, that I was an artist and knew I might use it in my work and was happy with that at the time. Now claiming it is ‘revenge porn’ rather insulting as it is not porn, and not any kind of revenge, just some of my art. Also you had modelled for many people before nude and I really do not think from what I saw anyone would call them art of any kind, not the photographs I saw.

Church Santorini Greece 2015

Eve London 2013 or might be 2014

Shot on my large format M.P.P Micro Technical Camera… with a Nikon lens… have to check… Though most of my fashion was shot on my Mamiya RZ… which has gorgeous lenses / glass… The Micro Technical is rather lovely too… Though I like all the cameras I have used since I was 6 or so… including my Polaroid SX-70… My photographic book with many more photographs is available here… through/id1183644709

Windmill Mykonos Greece 2015

Crossing the longest bridge in Europe Copenhagen, Denmark to Sweden… 2014 Though I was not driving this time, my second back and forth across this bridge to Gothenburg, had driven once earlier in 2014 or was it the end of 2013… have to check…

Debra Lamb Hollywood actress London 2017

Fan Shadow Bokeh 2005

Mountain detail (abstract) Turkey 2003

Claire in hat… 2005 My army greens with paint.. rock’n’roll. Modelled for me and then a little while later a few weeks text me to ask me for a drink when she was around London, she had split up with her boyfriend… Women… I did say Yes but never happened…

Riding a train in Egypt, it was a 3rd class train, no air conditioning which was good. Too use to the heat and aircon was like walking into a freezer. From the first time I travelled / backpacked around the Mediterranean with my friend Peter. The Egyptians were some of the friendliest people we met on our journeys. Though the twice I rode, was a passenger on 3rd class trains in Egypt Pete was not with me. Once from Aswan to Edfu, I was going to the Horus temple. Pete left a day or so later and went straight back to Luxor, and the other time was when I left Luxor for Cairo. Pete stayed on in Luxor for a while. I was heading back to Cairo on my way back to Israel, Tel Aviv to get a flight back to London… The whole train was 3rd class hence the wooden shutters etc… also why it took ages, slow slow train, letting the other trains through… But stopped at places with no station, in the middle of nowhere, quite literally sometimes no village or town…

Church sky clouds Ios Greece 2015


Studio light shadows from my old art studio Hoxton,  London 2002

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy when I was in a relationship with her 2013.

Arielle De Lacy / Ava De Lacy is a clinically diagnosed pathological liar narcissist sociopath / psychopath.

Though photographed domestically, she was originally suppose to model for some art projects nude, but wanted to be in a relationship with me, knew I took this photograph, that I was an artist and knew I might use it in my work and was happy with that at the time. Now claiming it is ‘revenge porn’ rather insulting as it is not porn, and not any kind of revenge, just some of my art. And if I am not allowed or people try to stop me showing my art and or photography online or anywhere I do believe that would be against the law. Also you had modelled for many people before nude and I really do not think from what I saw anyone would call them art of any kind, not the photographs I saw.

Sea mountains clouds Antalya Turkey 2003

Man on local boat across Nile Egypt the first time I backpacked round the Mediterranean

Seem to be having a number of my blogs hacked again, my photographs.

Russell Hand © ®